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Sunday Report Card

In many NFL cities across the country, this is a regular feature in newspapers Monday Mornings.  We're bringing it to the high school level.  Brace yourself, school's about to be in session!



Forest Hills

A-: Reed back to his normal form and numbers and I liked the creativity in getting the ball in Will's hands more on carries.  Fine effort by the line. 


C: A good performance in the first half balanced out the fact that the unit really gets an F for the second half as they couldn't get anything going.   

A-:  This unit gets an A+ in the second half as they pitched the shutout after the break.  The minus is for the TDs allowed early on, especially the long run.  After that, they pretty much shut down everything FH threw their way.         


F:  How many times did the Trojans punt?  One or two?  I don't recall but it wasn't that many, I know one for sure.  The unit didn't seem to have any answers, no matter who ran the ball.    

D:  Bad week in the third phase.  Coverage teams were not good, in fact they set up FH with great field position when they got their TDs.  Kicking game was rough too, missed and blocked PATs.  These units dodged a bullet tonight, but they could hurt the team in a closer game if they perform like this in the future.  

Special Teams

A:  One bright spot for Coach Bailey.  Donohue was perfect on his PATs and nailed a field that could have been good from 40.  Kick return units gave great field position on both Ranger TD drives.

A:  Great effort.  I know FH is a little down this year, but take nothing away from this effort.  The buck stops at the top with Coach Marabito, but I like how he gives credit to his coordinators and this week I thought both Cobaugh and Penna brought good gameplans into the contest.  My only head scratcher was the decision to go for two rather than try the PAT and go up by 10.  Not only that, but I wasn't totally in love with the play call either (a tight end that I don't think has had but a few passes thrown his way all year if that).  But that's nitpicking, all in all, this was a great effort from the staff.     


C:  This is a young, inexperienced team that will probably be back on top the next two years.  The fact of the matter is the better team won this ball game.  That's not to say Coach Bailey didn't have his team ready to play.  There were some issues that were uncharacteristic of a FH team (pre-snap penalties for instance) but you'll have that with a young squad. 

Officials D: 

Worse refs of the year by far, in particular the back judge.  This guy officiated like he was getting a cash bonus for every pass interference call he made.  You know, I don't know if it's a coincidence, but my only poor grade last was... you guessed it, the Forest Hills game.  Huh.

Week One:  Doug Keklak both
Week Two:  NONE
Week Three:  NONE
Week Four:  Doug Keklak both
Week Five:  Doug Keklak both
Week Six:  Doug Keklak both
Week Seven:  Doug Keklak both
Week Eight:  Doug Keklak both

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