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Monday Morning Ramblings

Monday Morning Ramblings #5


I was out of town with family and friends this weekend so my ramblings this Monday will be quite short. My wife, brother and I traveled to North Carolina to take in the Pitt-Duke football game with some family and friends. A great time was had by all. Some observations:

*****Wallace Wade Stadium reminded us of old Pitt Stadium.

*****Credit to Jim Hammett for this nugget: how the hell do you score 58 points and NOT cover the spread?! It was like an Arena League game out there! This team is lucky they don’t have Clemson the schedule. They’d probably give up 72 to them!

*****Memo to college coaches: don’t sleep on Class A standouts. See Boyd comma first name Tyler.

*****It was pretty awesome to walk through Cameron Indoor Stadium, which is right on campus behind the football stadium. When the local told us where it was, it appeared to be the same type of building you might have freshman biology in! It was remarkably under whelming and I loved it! Pretty much a smaller version of the old War Memorial with the wooden seats.


As for the Trojans, look, I saw the score. I’ve seen what Richland has done to teams in the LHAC over the past two years. I am not going to lose sleep over this particular loss. This is a special group of kids up there right now under Brandon Bailey’s tutelage. When the Tribune-Democrat does their next Legacy Bowl, I’m sure this Rams’ squad (or last year’s) will be involved. I am sure on film, there are teachable moments and fixable mistakes for Coach Penna, but let’s be honest, the Rams are more than likely going undefeated in LHAC play again this year.

A couple of other observations from scoreboard watching:

McCort is 0-4 and will more than likely be 0-5 after the afore mentioned Richland is done with them this coming week.

Guilfoyle beat Forest Hills. This year is really make you think. I saw the Rangers in action and although I know people were saying this should be a down year for them, I did not think they were a bad team. Maybe this is just a sign of an improved state of affairs for BG.


That’s it for now. The Somerset Golden Eagles come to Trojan Stadium this week. In the days to come (mainly Tuesday and Thursday) I’ll explain why this is an absolute crucial win for the Trojans’ post-season chances.

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